Bob Sylvestri reviews REDISCOVERED for Best of WNY


Dulcie Taylor – Rediscovered

by Bob Sylvestri

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Rediscovered_Cover_5000x5000F1Every artist always wants to re-examine their previous recordings looking to improve, tweak or take the song in a different direction. Singer songwriter Dulcie Taylor is no different. For her latest EP titled Rediscovered Taylor revisits six songs from her previous releases for a remix, a remastering and sometimes even a rerecording of the material. Working with long time collaborator George Nauful, Taylor artfully reworks fan favorite “Woman I Used To Be”, the dark tale of forlorn love “Watch Me Hurt”, the sweet country waltz “Love Like Yours and Mine”, the smoky late night jazz club vibe of “First Kiss”, the sunny California rocker “Maybe” and the sparsely arranged yet powerful “Better Part of Me”. Twenty years into her career and Dulcie Taylor has rediscovered herself and her music on her new release Rediscovered.

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