Critics favorite Dulcie Taylor has returned with Edges of Silver

by Bob Silvestri

Critics favorite Dulcie Taylor has returned with another fine EP this one titled Edges of Silver. The acclaimed and gifted singer songwriter keeps things simple by not overdressing the songs with added instrumentations or effects. The music is there to sooth and accompanies the lyrics which are very important to each song. Taylor who handles guitar and vocals is assisted by a handful of musicians here including George Naufel on guitar and vocals, Damon Castillo on bass and Grammy winner producer Bob Cutarella on drums among others. The EP kicks off with “Backbeat In His Blood” about how everyone has the musical beat coursing through their veins followed by “We Almost Got It Right” a sweet message to a former lover. “Soft Place to Fall” is what we need sometimes with things get tough and we need a friend’s shoulder to help carry the burden while “Sometimes Love Ain’t Enough” deals with the fact that some relationships are doomed to fail. The EP closes with the up-tempo “Somewhere Bright” about a couple trying hard to get their relationship back on track. Buy the ticket and take the ride with the extraordinary new release Edges of Silver from Dulcie Taylor you won’t be disappointed.

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