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Top 5 forJuly 2018
(In NO Particular Order)
• The Exbats
• Lily Black
• Tyler Morris Band
• Joe Goldmark
• Dulcie Taylor

by Brian M. Owens
July 2018

Dulcie Taylor proves to be every bit as
fine a songwriter as she is a singer on her
new release, Better Part of Me. Boasting
a pitch-perfect, southern flavored voice,
Taylor knows how to sell a song with her
bona fide emotive delivery. Joined by a
stellar band that features guitarist-pianistbassist
George Nauful, guitarist-bassist
Damon Castillo, drummer Abraham Robles,
keyboardist Kristian Ducharme and upright
bassist Dylan Johnson, Dulcie Taylor scores
big with this well crafted record. Favored
tracks: the revelatory “Used To Know It
All,” the moody “Long Gone,” the testifyin’
“I Do” and the elegant “Better Part of Me.”