Mike Greenblatt reviews REDISCOVERED for Goldmine Music Magazine


Filled with fem-centric Sound: Maia Sharp, Dulcie Taylor, Prism Bitch and Judee Sill

by Mike Greenblatt
Updated: Apr 1, 2021
Original: Apr 1, 2021
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Rediscovered_Cover_5000x5000F1 Americana singer/songwriter Dulcie Taylor is on a roll. Last year’s Reimagined took from her 20 years of song to create a gorgeous tableau of voice and poetry with memorable melodies and profound messages. Now comes Rediscovered (Mesa/Bluemoon) wherein she’s handpicked six more gems from her deep catalog to revitalize. With caressing instrumentation that buttresses her slippery vocals, you will totally lose yourself in her tantalizing way with words to the point where you will be left wanting more. But, alas, it’s only an EP. Hey, doesn’t that old show-biz maxim say to leave them wanting more?

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