New Americana: Dulcie Taylor ‘Edges of Silver’

Greg Victor| Posted on Aug 4, 2023

Singer-songwriter Dulcie Taylor‘s new release, Edges of Silver, is a new five-song EP that is the follow-up to her critically-acclaimed 2021 recording, Rediscovered. It’s also an opportunity to appreciate how the usually lyrical Taylor can rock with the best of ’em.

The first four tracks were produced by George Nauful, co-produced by Damon Castillo and Dulcie Taylor, with the fifth track produced by Grammy-winning pop producer, Bob Cutarella. Special attention must be paid to the percussive component (Bob Gross — bass guitar, Paul Griffith — drums, Scott Breadman — percussion) who provide the flowing logic on display. Steadying the entire event are George Nauful on electric guitar and Kristian Ducharme on Hammond B3. Dulcie Taylor has a unique talent for delivering vocals that match the pulse and intention of the supporting instruments. It’s quite a well-woven musical tapestry with all parts being equal, and equally necessary.

Edges of Silver is about many things, including time. Time passing, time past, time left. It’s a theme treated with meticulous care in subtle ways here. What’s so wonderful is that Dulcie Taylor has given us a nostalgia inspired EP that disproves the idea that living in the present is overrated. With new songs this scintillating, the present is earning the nostalgic yearnings of the future. Looking back has never sounded so good.


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