Parcbench Live reviews “REDISCOVERED”

March 18, 2021
by Greg Victor

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(Label: Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings. Released March 12, 2021.)

No one can penetrate with a song as effectively as singer/songwriter Dulcie Taylor. Haunting material, beautifully delivered. The latest from the dependable artist is a 6-track EP of updated versions of some of her strongest previously released material. While the “rediscovery” occurs, there is also an assurance that comes into play—a reminder that once an artist has begun, there really is no end. These songs become extensions of their initial selves, furtherances of clarity, and even more fulfilling emotionally.

The result is a musical hall of mirrors that allows the listener to reflect on the process of life (oh, that old thing) and the unexpected perspectives it creates. These songs, as personal as they are, are an overflowing articulation of ideas and feelings shared by all at one point or another. To hear them sung so pleasingly is reassuring in the best way that, no matter what, it does all get better. So here’s to Dulcie Taylor, the muse of perspicuity. Brava.

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