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By Paul Freeman



On her latest album, singer-songwriter Dulcie Taylor explores subjects ranging from love to heartbreak to climate change. With twang, edge and the ring of emotional truth, Taylor creates songs that are lyrically and melodically powerful. She expresses torment on “Used to Know It All,” singing, “I hear a voice crying out for mercy/Wait a minute, that poor soul is me.” The anguish inflicted by a cruel lover sears throughout “Watch Me Hurt.”

The flip side — finding a joyful relationship, following the shattering of her heart — is celebrated in “God Did Me a Favor.” On her moving “Dove Crying in My Window,” Taylor sings, “Has he lost his lover/To a hunter’s gun/He sounds so lonely/A song so stark/He’s so early /I’m listening here in the dark/To that dove crying in my window/Breaking my heart.” “The Moon is Cold,” which Taylor co-wrote, is particularly poetic and eloquent.

“Better Part of Me,” penned by George Nauful, Taylor’s longtime collaborator, is hauntingly atmospheric. Taylor delivers a no-holds-barred message about our planet’s devastation on “Halfway to Jesus.” Her vocals are compelling on every track. She also plays acoustic guitar and dulcimer. Backing musicians are top-notch and the production suits the songs perfectly. Taylor’s music makes a lasting impression, plunging far below the surface, delving into thoughts and emotions in all their complexity.

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