Dulcie Taylor performs songs from new album at Presqu’ile Winery in Santa Maria

By Joe Payne
March 28th, 2018, Santa Maria Sun – Volume 19, Issue 4

Singer/songwriter Dulcie Taylor has a sweet voice, but not sweet in a cotton candy kind of way. It’s more like a hickory-smoked barbecue sauce kind of sweet. Continue reading

Insightful Singer-Songwriter Dulcie Taylor Extends Rich Sound With ‘Better Part of Me’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

March 14, 2018
by Jim Hynes

Dulcie Taylor has been making increasingly better records now for 18 years. This, her seventh, Better Part of Me, may be her best yet. Working with her long-time collaborator George Nauful, a multi-instrumentalist and terrific guitarist, along with 15 musicians across select tracks, including cellos and string orchestration factoring into the mix. Continue reading

midwest record
Chicago, IL – 03/14/18
by Chris Spector


DULCIE TAYLOR/Better Part of Me:

A delicious throwback to when singer/songwriters had to rock it up in order to get hot or go home but still keep it organic and real, this is Taylor with a solid triumph. Continue reading

March 12, 2018
by JR Miller

Dulcie-Taylor-Better-Part-Of-Me-Cover-Square-1500x1500-FIn these days the usage of the prefrontal cortex is in limited supply. After listening to Dulcie Taylor’s new release, Better Part of Me Listen, that part of your brain will receive its equal proportion. Continue reading

February 16, 2018
ARROYO GRANDE, CA – Black Iris Records, a joint venture with MesaBluemoon Recordings, announces a March 9 release date for Better Part of Me, the new album of songs from acclaimed singer/songwriter Dulcie Taylor. The label will release “Halfway to Jesus,” the first single off the new album, to all platforms on March 2.

The title of the first single has special meaning to Dulcie Taylor, as she reflected on it recently. Continue reading