Stone Cold Classic

MusicisuM on Wind Over Stone

posted October 5, 2015
by Megan B
wos-cover-art-smallCalifornia singer/songwriter Dulcie Taylor has made her strongest effort yet on Wind Over Stone (Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings, 2015). On the largely original, fourteen-track record, she collaborates with some dozen of her most talented friends (including famed studio whiz Keith Olsen, who mixed the album).
Flowing to a sturdy country beat, her songs harbor plenty of charm and poetic power, from the peaceful bit of Southern Baptist autobiography, “Prayers,” to the modern freedom song, “Not Here, Not Today,” a thumping, stormy highlight that honors the fortitude and character of American heroes from Rosa Parks to those lost on Flight 93. That listeners can groove and move easily to each tune is testament to the record’s appeal as are the song’s remarkably fresh stories. Likened to a “magical spell,” Wind Over Stone is an irreplaceable treasure of a record if not the underground, country-strong album of the year.
-Megan Benson